About FAST

Public education spending consumes a large and expanding share of state and local revenues.

The 81st Texas Legislature directed the Comptroller to “identify school districts and campuses that use resource allocation practices that contribute to high academic achievement and cost-effective operations.”

In response, the Comptroller’s office created FAST to examine district and campus resource allocation – and the relationship between these allocations and student achievement.

FAST looks at academic, financial and demographic data and identifies school districts and campuses that produce high academic achievement while maintaining cost-effective operations.

Some factors, such as geography and demographics, are beyond school districts’ control. Our measures of academic growth take these into account. The FAST team produced methods to place Texas campuses and districts on a “level playing field” for comparisons of academic performance and spending.

The FAST team worked with a wide range of experts and groups to develop these measures. A detailed description of these measures is available in The FAST Methodology.

We make all of this data available to you in the FAST Tracker, so you can look at the numbers and draw your own conclusions.

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