FAST Tracker:
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The FAST application has been completely redesigned and rewritten for 2014.

New Features

FAST Tracker is faster and more flexible.

Now you can select any district(s) or campus(es) and compare them with districts or campuses that meet a certain criteria. So for example, you can choose Bastrop ISD and compare it to all charter districts where at least 50% of students meet satisfactory academic standards (STAAR Level II).

FAST Tracker offers an unprecedented wealth of information on multiple factors affecting student achievement and school spending, including both ratings and statistics from the Texas Education Agency as well as new indicators developed for the FAST program. You can view extensive data sets, generate reports and download the results.

Detailed profiles

FAST Tracker gives you detailed profiles of every district and campus in the state in Texas. These profiles include:

  • Unique FAST measures of academic progress and spending indexes within fiscal peer groups developed specifically for this study;
  • More than 30 other measures of academic performance such as STAAR, college readiness and drop-out rates;
  • More than 40 financial indicators, such as details on spending by program and by object, payroll for instructional versus non-instructional staff, revenues and fund balance; and
  • More than 60 other indicators such as teacher and student demographics, teacher turnover rates, teacher education level and more.

Not only can you view these statistics for a district or campus, but now you see them in the context of their peer group. And many indicators are shown over time so you can identify trends.

Compare districts and campuses

You also can use the detailed selection criteria to compare similar districts or similar campuses with the ability to filter your choices:

  • by FAST metrics – view by FAST Rating, FAST academic progress percentile, or Spending Index
  • by characteristics – view by TEA accountability ratings, enrollment size, or district type
  • by additional detailed filters – narrow your choices to select districts or campuses with similar demographics, such as ethnicity, percent economically disadvantaged, and more for the closest and most accurate comparisons.

See the big picture with State data

See important summary academic and spending data on a statewide basis for a holistic look at how districts and campuses compare to the state averages.

Print and Download

Print key results for future reference or download the data to slice and dice on your own.

FAST Tracker

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