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Financial Allocation Study for Texas (FAST)

Released 2010

Read the Study

Parts 2, 4 and the Appendix are currently available in PDF format only.

Part 1: Executive Summary (PDF, 2.3M)
The Financial Allocation Study for Texas examines school spending and student academic achievement. The executive summary provides a quick look at how spending and academic progress stack up in Texas schools.

Part 2: FAST Ratings by District and Campus
School District Listings (PDF Only, 1.12M)
Campus Listings A-L (PDF Only, 1.52M)
Campus Listings M-Z (PDF Only, 2.17M)

In Part 2 of the study, academic progress, cost-adjusted spending and spending index measures are three-year averages through 2008-2009. All other academic data is from 2008-09. Other financial data is from 2007-08.
This data has now been updated. The most up-to-date information is available to download in .csv format.

From Abbott to Zephyr, every school district and campus in Texas receives a Financial Allocation Study for Texas rating ranging from one to five stars. See how well your school district and campus fares in their academic progress and spending.

Part 3: Smart Practices for Minimizing Costs (PDF, 3.1M)
Learn more about the innovative strategies school districts use to keep spending down while building student achievement plus other smart ideas from across the state.

Part 4: Beyond K-12: Cost Efficiencies in Higher Education (PDF Only, 3M)
Universities and community colleges are sharing resources, stacking schedules and shaving expenses. What cost-cutting lessons can public schools learn?

Appendix: Background, Methodology and Expanded Data for Recommendations (PDF Only, 6.2M)
Get all of the details behind the Financial Allocation Study for Texas, including an overview of school spending, demographic trends, and the in-depth methodology behind the district and campus FAST rating results.