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Part 1: Executive Summary

FAST Web Reporting Tool

FAST Browser Requirements

  1. The FAST website and reporting tool are best viewed in one of the following browser types.

  2. Your browser must have JavaScript and cookies enabled.
  3. District, Campus, State and Region reports are displayed using Flash.
    Get Adobe Flash player
  4. Reports will load most quickly if you close all other applications. The information in these profiles can also be downloaded and viewed in any spreadsheet software.
  5. To use PDF documents, you must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The FAST web reporting tool offers everyone an easy and effective way to run a variety of complex custom reports at any time for every district and campus in Texas.

Visitors can view extensive data sets, including TEA ratings and academic and demographic statistics as well as the new FAST spending indicators all in one tool. The reports will be updated annually, with all FAST data and results available free of charge for online viewing or data download.

Zero-In on District and Campus Data

Use the FAST web reporting tool to view detailed profiles for every district and campus in the state, including:

  • Unique FAST measures of academic progress and spending indexes developed specifically for this study to fairly assess districts;
  • More than 30 other measures of academic performance such as TAKS, college readiness and drop-out rates;
  • More than 40 financial indicators, such as details on spending by program and by object, payroll for instructional versus non-instructional staff, revenues and fund balance; and
  • More than 60 other indicators such as teacher and student demographics, teacher turnover rates, teacher education level and more.

Select Similar Districts and Campuses for the Most Accurate Comparisons

Use detailed selection criteria to compare academic achievement, expenditures and resource allocation for Texas districts or campuses of your choice with the ability to filter your results by:

  • FAST Metrics – view by FAST Rating, FAST academic progress percentile, or Spending Index (compared to unique fiscal peer groups)
  • Characteristics – view by TEA accountability ratings, enrollment size, and TEA district type
  • Geography – view districts or campuses by county or Education Service Center (ESC) region
  • Additional Detailed Filters – narrow your choices to select districts or campuses with similar demographics, such as ethnicity, percent economically disadvantaged, and more for the closest and most accurate comparisons.

See the Big Picture with State and Regional Data

See important academic and spending summary data on both a statewide and regional basis (by Education Service Center region) for a holistic look at how districts and campuses compare to the state and regional averages.

Print and Download

Print key results for future reference or download the data to slice and dice on your own.