New Look, Better Tools

We redesigned FAST with you in mind — making it faster and easier than ever to see how any public school or district stacks up.

With more than 200 data points tracked and a host of visuals making that data tangible, you’ll better understand the financial and other factors affecting educational progress in Texas.

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FAST Tracker: Look up and Compare Schools

The heart of the FAST website, FAST Tracker changes the way you view and interact with Texas public school and district data.

Just pick any Texas school or district — or several schools and districts — and the cutting-edge application will create an array of interactive visuals illuminating trends and comparisons among districts or campuses.

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New Tool Reveals School Building Costs

The Texas Comptroller’s school construction cost lookup tool and campus map provides a detailed look at cost data for 877 new school campuses opened from 2007 through 2013.

Public information requests sent to every Texas public school district and charter operator revealed new campuses were opened in 374 of them across the state.

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Financial literacy: An essential awareness

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